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Buy Car Insurance From The First Online Insurance Sales Startup In Iran

Car Insurance

Do you currently live in Iran and are going to buy third-party car insurance or car body insurance for yourself? If you think you should go to insurance provider companies in person and do all the processes, we have some good news for you. Nowadays, due to the widespread use of the internet and various startups, there are some websites and applications that focus on selling different types of assurances online and one of these startups is Bimebazar. This company has a leading role in the industry and provides complete guidance and consultation in the process of choosing the best insurance provider. In the following paragraph, we will discuss the features and services of Bimebazar.

The Story Of A Comprehensive Platform For Insurance

The story of Bimebazar started in 2016. Before then, people had to go to the insurance companies in person and compare the features. Also, there was a lot of paperwork, and customers needed to wait to receive the final insurance contract. Therefore, a group of professionals who had graduated from Sharif University decided to launch the first online platform for buying assurance contracts online.

Bimebazar focuses on the facilitation of purchasing insurance, so there is no need to visit insurance companies. Buyers can choose their assurance, enter their information, and see all the companies and features. In other words, Bimebazar company has converted the paperwork to online work, so fewer trees are cut. Nowadays, this innovative startup works with all insurance providers and ensures their customers that they receive the best contract with Bimebazar.

 Buying All Kinds Of Insurance On A Website

There are different types of insurance in Iran that you can buy in Bimebazar such as life insurance, car body insurance, and third-party car insurance.

Third-Party Car Insurance

This is one of the mandatory insurance in Iran and as long as you own a car in Iran, you should buy this policy. Purchasing Third-party car insurance allows you to compensate for financial losses caused to all third parties including people who get hurt in a car accident. Bimebazar lets Iranian people purchase and compare the insurance policies of different insurance providers online. Also, the insurance policy is published and sent to the customers in a day.

Purchasing third-party insurance from Bimebazar has four steps. In the first step, customers should enter the information of their car. Then they can compare the prices of various contracts. In the third step, they can upload their documents including their driving license, car card, and previous insurance contract. In the last step, the documents are analyzed by experts, and the contract is sent as soon as possible

Car Body Irnsuance 

One of the services of Bimebazar is selling automobile body insurance. Buying this policy is optional for vehicle owners, however, if people want to protect their cars in accidents, it is better to have this policy. On bimebazar website, users can enter the numberplate and their identification numbers to buy an automobile body insurance. Also, they can compare different prices and decide based on their budget and needs. It is worth knowing that Bime consultants are online and customers can ask their questions.

Travel Insurance

One of the necessary things for all Iran visitors is travel insurance which you have to prepare ahead of time. This type of insurance policy is provided on the Bimebazar website. Also, Iranians who want to travel to other countries can order their assurance online. In this process, they choose destinations, the number of travelers, their ages, and the days of travel. In the last section, all kinds of assurance policies are shown and users can choose based on the cost features. Consultation services are provided as well.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of the important assurance policies among different kinds of insurance and it is seen as an investment for Iranian people. Different insurance companies offer this contract, but choosing among the various types of insurance, each with different features can be a difficult task. Bimebazar website provides people with the opportunity to inquire about prices from different insurance companies, allowing them to compare different insurance conditions and choose the best one to purchase. This common policy is categorized as personal insurance

Unique Features of Bimebazar

Bimebazar as the first online insurance sales startup in Iran claims that customers can compare and analyze various insurance policies from different insurance providers and receive the consultation service in this process. Insurance buyers want to gain more information about the best insurance company and choose the best service for themselves, therefore, they can call customer service and ask questions at their desired time.

Experts who have a core understanding of insurance answer them and recommend specific insurance policies. Also, the consultation services of Bimebazar are comprehensive and detailed. For example, if customers need help in the process of receiving compensation from the insurance company, the specialists help them prepare the needed documents and do all the steps online. This innovative startup has an application too, so users can do all these processes via their iPhones.