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Why Is Video Important For Your Marketing Strategy

Video marketing is a great way to get your brand out there. It is an effective way to connect with customers online. You can use videos to market your business, sell products, promote events, and more. Video marketing is now considered to be among the best marketing strategies.

According to wyzowl, nearly 73% of consumers prefer watching videos over reading text-based content. Additionally, video marketing gives businesses several advantages, including improved SEO rankings, increased brand awareness, greater conversion rates, and higher click-through rates.

1. Video Marketing Is More Engaging than Text-Based Content

Video content is engaging. People love watching videos, especially if they are funny or exciting. And people spend more time looking at videos than reading text. So, it makes sense that video marketing would be a great way to connect with customers.

The reason for this is simple, to understand a product, how it works, and what people think of it, a person might have to read through several pages of content. However, a few minutes do the trick when it comes to videos.

Moreover, text-based content has an innate language barrier besides being difficult to access on all devices. Whereas, videos use the show-and-tell method, which means your audience can comprehend what you have to say without spoken words.

Remember, if your audience understands your video, they will feel a connection with your product and are more likely to engage with your brand. And with the reduced attention span of the audience, it is essential to make sure you communicate everything necessary within a few minutes. What better way to do this than through video?

2. Videos Are Easy to Produce and Share

Videos don’t require much effort to create or share. You just need a camera, some creative ideas, and a little bit of talent. There are multiple ways to edit a video online for youtube these days. You can easily produce high-quality videos quickly with just a smartphone or a handheld camera, a laptop, and a video editing tool.

The best video editing software is one that comes with preset templates and a lot of how-to videos so that you wouldn’t have to struggle to learn everything from scratch. Besides that, most online video editing software comes with a tutorial on editing a video.

Before you settle on any one video editing software, it would be best to experiment with multiple options and pick one that you find handy.

3. Videos Can Be Repurposed

You can use videos for many different purposes, including making YouTube playlists, posting them to social media sites, using them on blogs and websites, and even incorporating them into presentations.

Most video editing software also lets you trim videos for Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, Twitter GIFs, etc. Use these features to create a buzz about your video, product, or service.

Apart from sharing a sneak peek, you can also share your video on numerous platforms, as video is the most popular content type on almost all platforms. Besides sharing your videos on social media, you can also use them for email marketing.

All you need is to hyperlink your video post to the email, and the scope of the audience who views your videos increases exponentially. As everyone loves videos, your audience is not going to complain too!

Besides, you could also break the content in a video into slides for an Instagram post, an infographic for Twitter and Pinterest, a long-word article for your blog, a series of slides for Slideshare, and so on.

4. Videos Help Build Trust

People trust what they see, not what they read. If you want to build trust with your audience, consider using video marketing. Video has a more personal appeal than any other content format.

The reason is simple, instead of just telling your audience what your product is about, you can show it to them in a video. There are so many types of videos that you could experiment with. For instance, you could use a testimonial video, the most popular kind, to show your audience what your other customers think and feel about your product.

You could use a product demo video to showcase your offerings. How-to videos are a great way to show how to use your product. Using videos, testimonials, and videos work best for building brand trust.

There are many more different types of videos that you could experiment with before you find out what works best for your brand. However, that’s not the only video type you should stick to. Go on, experiment, and do not settle for one content type!

5. Videos Get Noticed Fast

If you have a lot of great content, people may overlook it unless it’s presented visually. But a good video gets noticed right away. People love to share funny videos, inspirational videos, and educational videos. Videos get shared because they are fun to watch and share. And sharing videos is easier than ever before.

When you upload a video to YouTube, you have the option to tag it. Tags are keywords that describe the content of the video. When someone views your video, they will see a list of tags associated with it. If they like your video, they will most likely watch some of your other videos as well.

Tags make it easy for people to find videos about topics that interest them. And if you use the right tags, you can increase the chances that people will watch your videos. Engaging videos help your brand get noticed better than any other content format. Keeping the audience hooked to your website or Youtube channel is easy with quality content and the right tags that will direct them to other related videos from your channel.

6. Videos Drive Traffic

When you make a great video, you increase traffic to your website. Viewers who visit your site are more likely to buy products from you. A video is a powerful tool for driving traffic to websites. In fact, video marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

Videos are great at engaging users and encouraging them to take action. So, if you’re looking for ways to increase your site’s traffic, you should consider using videos. In addition to being effective at getting visitors to your site, videos also help keep your audience engaged. After all, who wants to read long articles? Nobody does. But if you show a video instead, people will stay longer and be more likely to read the rest of your article.

7. Videos Make Customers Feel Special

Customers appreciate receiving special treatment. A personal touch like a handwritten thank you note or gift card can go a long way. If you want to increase brand awareness, personalizing your videos is a great way.

People are much more likely to remember a personalized message than a generic one. They feel more connected to your brand after watching a video with content that is relevant to their problems, identifies with their buying persona, and offers timely solutions matching their buying journey.

Personalized videos can be embedded into your email marketing and chatbots to engage your users and convert prospects and lead into buyers and loyal customers.

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How To Create Professional Videos for Your Brand?

To effectively use video marketing, you must understand how people interact with video content. Here are some tips to help you create great video content:

1 – Know Your Audience

Before you start shooting videos, you should know who your audience is. What do they want? How would they benefit from what you have to say? Once you know these things, you can begin planning your strategy.

2 – Plan Ahead

Once you know your audience, you can plan ahead. You will want to ensure you are prepared before you shoot any videos. Think about what you want to say, and write out a script. If you are not comfortable writing, hire someone to help you.

3 – Be Yourself

The best way to get viewers to engage with your content is to be yourself. People enjoy seeing themselves represented in media. So if you are uncomfortable talking directly to the camera, try recording yourself answering questions.

4 – Keep It Short

People don’t have time to watch long videos. Make them count! Keep your videos short and sweet. Try to keep them under 60 seconds.

5 – Include Calls To Action

You may think that people won’t take action after watching a 30-second video. But studies show that people are much more likely to take action after watching a short video than reading a long article. Make sure to include calls to action at the end of each video. These could include links to your website, social media profiles, or contact information.

6 – Use Visuals

Videos work well when they include images. Studies show that people remember visuals better than words alone. So, add pictures to your videos. You can even add live images from your webcam. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and almost every platform offers the possibility of going live. Use it to engage your audience and make the communication two-way to build brand engagement.


Over 66% of marketers increased their video marketing spending in 2022 compared to the previous years. If you are a brand marketer, think no further, and start investing in creating impeccable videos right away. But make sure you research correctly and build a solid video marketing strategy first so that it helps your brand stand out from the crowd in the long run.